About Us

About Us

YOKDEE is a company founded in 2012, registered in Singapore.

We specialize in Type A Jadeite, originated from Myanmar. Our purpose is to embellish jadeite jewellery while still retaining most of its natural form. Ignited with passion for this precious stone, our team works closely with experienced craftsmen and bench jewellers to magically transform this valuable stone into cherished jewellery to be passed down for generations to come.



Located at the heart of Singapore’s Chinatown. Bespoke jewellery is a wonderful way to personalise jewellery to match your individuality. Work closely with our skilled in-house jewellery designer to create a piece of jewellery so unique, it solely belongs to you. Not only that, you are also allowed to make the most of our available in-house jadeite workshop, where we design pieces from scratch with raw jadeite materials. Yes, jadeite materials are available too!

Many asked, what does YOKDEE® means? Well, in thai and cantonese, Yok means Jade, and Dee means Good.  Therefore, we only sell good jadeite. Whether or not you are an expert in jadeite, YOKDEE® guarantees that all our Jadeite are of A-Grade only. Our vision is to develop and build this passion for Jadeite, in our future younger generations. Together we will preserve this unique Jadeite cultural.




100% Natural Type A Jadeite (100% money-back guarantee)

Our jadeite are all of "A"Grade, meaning they are all natural, non-processed and non-coloured. If our products were found to be processed or coloured, we will refund you the full amount that was given to us. We practice a 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked, to ensure full satisfaction of our clients.

100% Accuracy with Detailed Description

We do our utmost best to fully describe an individual item as accurately and as detailed as possible to help our customers have a clearer picture before committing to a piece of jewellery. However, we strongly encourage our customers to check the item personally at our retail store in order to have a fulfilling shopping experience.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Here in Yokdee, we take pride in our customer service. We believe in one on one appointments to understand and serve our customers better. Our goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Therefore, please feel free to get back to us regarding any enquiries or feedback. We are always looking to hear from you and improve our services.